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My name is Belle. Lamb and Lark is just one person, me! Unless you hire a second shooter, then it's me plus someone I trust.

I like music. I like animals. I like Bill Murray and I like donuts.

I like a lot of things, but I love love. And I want to shoot your wedding.

I won't go into some long dramatic narrative about wanting to capture all the precious moments on your big day in a beautiful gazebo overlooking some mountains, because while I do want to capture all the good stuff (but I am more likely to use the word badass over precious to describe them, and can we please just burn all gazebo's down already ok thanks bye) I am not interested in convincing you with words that I am the right fit for you. I believe you will feel it. If it's a good fit some part of you will look at my work and know. And I trust that.

After 8 years of doing this I have decided to keep my smallest package at $2500 permanently. In the past pricing has kept me out of reach of some really cool couples and that is a bummer to me. This industry can be overwhelmingly expensive if you aren't careful and all I really want is to work with couples I connect with. $2500 for 6 hours is a price I've found most couples who have photography high on their list of priorities can make work, and 6 hours is an amount of time I've found is just enough to capture a little bit of everything for you. And it's still enough for me to pay all of the bills that come with this job and live. Win win, right?

I want to work with couples who are like me - laid back, sense of humor, appreciates creativity and play. Because then there is a much better chance that we will get each other and we will vibe, and I know from experience that that is when I will do my best work. If that is you, let me know.